Best Value Wedding Photography by David Ray | HOW TO VIEW AND PURCHASE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS




1. Go to website:

2. Click on CLIENT ACCESS on the left.

3. Click the wedding event you want to view.

4. Enter the password for viewing and purchasing of photographs. See the hint to instruct you. (Note that the images you see will include the business watermark, but the photographs you purchase will not.)

5. Click SLIDESHOW at the top right to view the wedding photographs.

6. To pause and restart the slideshow, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen or use your side arrow key.

7. Record the image number for each photograph you want to add to your cart. You can click your ESCAPE key at any time to return to your thumbnail images and add to your cart order.

8. To purchase photograph memories, simply click BUY at the top right of your page showing thumbnails. Follow the prompts to add to your cart, verify your cart order and process your charge card payment. (Your order will be processed and produced by MPIX Photo Labs which is one of the best in the country!)


Thank you for your business and please forward this to any of your family or friends who may want to view the wedding or who will be looking for quality wedding photography services over the next year.


David Ray

Best Value Wedding Photography